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Clear & Concise Advice

Do you need a trustworthy, skilled attorney? Do you need an advocate to listen to your concerns, advise you, protect your interests, and resolve conflicts? We can help. The Law Office of Nora Daniels can help you in negotiating, as well as litigating Family Law and Relationship Matters, Divorce and Separation, Property Division, Alimony, Child Custody & Support, Father’s Rights, Grandparents’ Rights, Paternity Matters, Prenuptials, Postnuptials, and the Enforcement of Court Orders.

Additionally, Nora Daniels is a certified mediator providing skilled and effective mediation services of Family and Family Business Concerns, Divorce and Separations, Paternity Matters, Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements, Neighborhood Disputes, and Contracts and Commercial Disputes.

  • Real Estate and Zoning Matters
  • Neighborhood Disputes
  • Business to Business Matters
  • Employment and Workplace Conflicts
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Personal Injury and Tort Claims

Get in Touch

If you would like to become more informed about how this office can assist you, please feel free to contact the office by telephone at (781) 444-8888 or by email ([email protected]) and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns. Evening and weekend appointments are available. We provide in person and remote meetings to accommodate your schedule and concerns.

Law Office of Nora Daniels

Our Areas of Expertise

Family law

We represent parties in divorce and separation proceedings, negotiating and drafting prenuptial agreements, and partnership agreements. We can help you with other family law matters such as child custody, support, alimony, property division, paternity matters, enforcement of court orders, and the modifications of judgments.

Law Office of Nora Daniels

Handling Complex Proceedings

Nora has successfully represented clients in numerous complex proceedings, including custody of children, special needs children, and alimony. She has substantial experience in a wide range of matters, such as:

We are prepared to handle all of the above proceedings as they relate to same-sex couples. We will work with experienced professional consultants whenever necessary and appropriate to address clients’ best interests.

Holistic Approach

Nora Daniels is committed to taking both a realistic and a holistic approach to clients’ interests. Her policy is to determine a result-orientated method for our clients to achieve their goals while protecting their interests.


Mediation can be the most productive, efficient, cost-effective, and financially responsible method of solving a dispute. It is a confidential process in which a neutral person assists disputing parties to identify, clarify and resolve their issues, while maintaining focused on the interests, needs and goals of each party.

The mediator is well informed of how the law pertains to your situation, so they can advise both parties in an equal manner.  The mediator does not act as a judge, nor do they impose decisions on the parties. Instead, all decision-making remains in the hands of the parties themselves. The mediator guides the process based upon the concerned parties’ interests. Unlike a trial, mediation can help parties improve their communication with each other and reach their goals in a manner that is not financially destructive or irresponsible.


How We Help

The Law Office of Nora Daniels provides mediation services for many types of disputes.

  • Real Estate and Zoning Matters
  • Neighborhood Disputes
  • Business to Business Matters
  • Employment and Workplace Conflicts
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Personal Injury and Tort Claims
Law Office of Nora Daniels

Civil Litigation

Attorney Nora Daniels is committed to providing highly effective representation, personalized legal services, and prompt attention to her clients’ needs and concerns to obtain resolution of her clients’ matters.

We are sensitive to case budgets, the need to utilize resources properly, and the concern for avoiding protracted and unwarranted public litigation. We will work with you to set goals and implement custom-tailored solutions that address your present and future interests.

For over thirty years, we have successfully served the needs of individuals and businesses in myriad matters before administrative agencies, the Probate and Family Courts, and the District and Superior Courts of Massachusetts.

Our Specializations

  • Family Law Matters
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Restraining Orders
  • 209A Orders
  • Harassment Orders
  • Stay Away Orders
Law Office of Nora Daniels
Law Office of Nora Daniels

Collaborative Law

In addition to Litigation and Mediation Services, The Law Office of Nora Daniels also engages in Collaborative Law as a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution. “Collaborative Law” also known as “Collaborative Practice”, is an effective interest-based legal approach, which is gaining momentum nationwide and internationally. It pairs legal advocacy with the best features of mediation.

Collaborative practice implements a cooperative (rather than combative) approach to problem-solving in an atmosphere free of impending litigation demands. It is applicable in business, employment, probate and family law matters, and many more.

The collaborative law approach is tailored for parties who do not wish to rely on a court-imposed resolution of their dispute. Instead, they seek to eliminate the negative economic, social, and emotional consequences of protracted litigation.

During the Collaborative process, each party is represented by an experienced attorney advocating for their interests. Additionally, in collaborative cases, the attorneys and their clients often work with other experienced professionals, accountants, financial specialists, human resource consultants, mental health professionals, coaches, and more.

Collaborative Approach for
Civil & Family Matters

In civil matters and family law matters, successful collaboration often results in the added benefit of having the parties establish a reasonably amicable professional or familial relationship as they move forward from the process and continue with their business and personal matters.

When the parties choose to use the collaborative approach, they agree to suspend litigation temporarily. In collaborative law, the parties and their legal counsel commit to writing that they will act in good faith and endeavor to settle the issues in dispute, without the Court's intervention, until a final settlement is reached.

As the issues between the parties are addressed in a confidential environment, their respective attorneys work cooperatively to draft and assist in the effectuation of all documents and filings required to enforce the parties’ settlement/agreement.


Collaborative law is generally less costly and less time-consuming than litigation, and it is less anxiety-producing for clients than the prospect of active litigation and court hearings/appearances. The parties and their attorneys control the scheduling of meetings and exchange relevant documents and information, not the Court.

During the collaborative process, parties focus on their interests, and the parties to the dispute are encouraged to be an active and vital part of each step of the process.

Personal Injury

Attorney Nora Daniels has represented individuals in personal injury matters since 1987. When working as a litigation partner, she also supervised other attorneys and worked for insurers to defend personal injury claims.

Having participated in defending and asserting personal injury claims, Nora Daniels has gained substantial knowledge and experience in matters related to:

From Start to Finish

We can assist you from the point in which you are injured by evaluating your claim, handling the telephone calls, correspondence, paperwork, and negotiations with insurance companies and their lawyers. Our attorneys also help you collect documentation, interview witnesses, and present the necessary evidence that you will need to recover compensation for your personal injury claim.

We will go through any necessary court filings and, if necessary, the actual trial and presentation of your claims before the Court.

Personal injury matters are handled on a contingency fee, which means we are only paid a legal fee if your recovery is successful and your case is resolved.

Exceeding Expectations

As part of her commitment to being results-oriented and vigorously proactive in representing her clients’ interests, Nora Daniels can advise you on determining which is the best legal process to resolve your dispute.  Legal matters and disputes can be resolved by several processes, including litigation, mediation, arbitration, conciliation, or the process of collaborative law. Throughout the time that Attorney Nora Daniels represents her clients, she analyzes her clients’ situations, their needs, and their goals. She stays in touch with her clients and promptly answers their calls and emails. She knows that her clients’ matters are never static and that flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the future needs of her clients are to be considered at all times. She works for you, and she works with you, to assist you and resolve matters.

Law Office of Nora Daniels

Limited Assistance Reprensentation (LAR)

In Massachusetts, upon written agreement between you and your attorney. Your attorney can represent you in only a ‘portion’ of your legal matter. Attorney Nora Daniels has been trained, and she is certified to provide “LAR” services through the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court.

Commonly Addressed Cases

  • Appearing in Court on your behalf for a specific matter such as a motion for temporary orders or a 209A hearing.
  • Properly preparing documents that are required to be filed in Court, such as initial divorce filings (joint petition or complaint about divorce), answers to a complaint, motions, discovery documents, pre-trial memorandums, discovery motions (such as motions for protective orders), and financial statements.
  • Drafting and reviewing divorce and separation agreements.
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and explaining various pleading and documents, such as include settlement proposals, tax returns, and other financial documents, or purchase and sales contracts.
  • Providing information and advice about court procedures while you represent yourself in Court

Divorce & Child Custody

We can assist you in your divorce matter, including:

  • Custody issues and concerns
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Modifications
  • Contempts
  • Guardianships
  • Enforcement of Court Orders
Law Office of Nora Daniels