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Real Estate and Landlord Tenant Matters


Disputes about the place a person resides and disputes about the property a person owns can raise both financial and emotional issues.  Often each party to the dispute believes that the other has an advantage over them and believes that they cannot trust the other party.

Therefore communications often break down and although neither party wants to go to Court, often the matter ends up being litigated and the result is that neither party is happy with the way their claims are addressed in court.  Additionally, litigation is expensive and time consuming and often neither party can afford an attorney or nor can they afford to live with the way things are.

Mediation offers a cost effective alternative to litigating real estate matters and landlord tenant disputes while allowing the parties to take control of the outcome of their situation.

Our office at Mediation By Choice offers mediation services in the following areas:

  • Boundary disputes Purchase and Sales Disputes
  • Nuisance Issues Rights of Way
  • Parking Disputes Repairs
  • Damages to Premises Public Safety
  • Evictions Rental Payment and Abatements

To discuss how Mediation By Choice may best address your interests and settle your dispute, please feel free to contact Attorney Nora Daniels by telephone781-444-8888 or by email and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.