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Neighborhood Disputes


What are the types of neighborhood disputes that can be resolved by mediation?

  • Noise
  • Pets and Trespass Issues
  • Common Area Disputes
  • Right of Way
  • Parking Space Issues
  • Property Maintenance
  • Nuisance Issues
  • House-mates Disputes
  • Safety and Environmental Concerns
  • Lighting Issues
  • Development Issues
  • Landlord Tenant Issues

How does neighborhood dispute mediation work?

Rather than filing a complaint in Court or going through your city or town hall, where either process is limited and time consuming, you met face to face with your neighbor and discuss the matters that concern you in a secure and confidential settling. Your mediator will act as a neutral third party to guide each of you through the process, generate ideas and options to settle the matter.

Your mediator will assist each of you in finding an effective, realistic a fair solution to the conflict.  The process is informal and everyone is treated respectfully.

When an agreement is reached, a binding written agreement will be written and signed by each party to the dispute.  In the event an agreement is not reached then your mediator will assist you in writing up a summary of the issues and identify where there is agreement, if any, and where there is not agreement. Your mediator will also suggest alternative resources or courses of action and you can discuss option as to how to proceed forward.

The process can take only one to three meetings and neighborhood dispute mediation is far more time and cost effective then litigating in a court, spending several days in hearings or town meetings and most of all it can open up effective

communication between you and your neighbors so that the matter is settled quickly and respectfully at minimal emotional and financial cost to everyone involved.  

What is the first step in resolving my neighborhood dispute though Mediation By Choice?

If you would like to become more informed about how Mediation By Choice  can assist you in settling you neighborhood dispute, please feel free to contact this office by telephone 781-444-8888and ask for Attorney Nora Daniels  or by contact this office by email to schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.