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What is Elder Care Mediation?

As people in our families’ age, their needs change and their abilities to act independently change.  These changes can impose stresses within families. Elder care mediation is geared to providing a safe and respectful place for families to work together to address the stresses and concerns that inherently occur as our family members age and lose some of their autonomy.
With the guidance of the Mediator family members can openly engage in conversations to explore the different options available to them and then develop a plan to address the issues facing them. During these goal focused and essential discussions the mediator will listen, facilitate conversations and information sharing, suggest options, and encourage each person present to participate.  The mediator can also record any agreements or plans reached during the mediation.

What types of issues can be addressed in Elder Care Mediation?

  • Parent Living Arrangements – Residence Decisions
  • Home Upkeep, Repair and or Sale
  • Health, Personal Care and Autonomy Issues (such as Issues Related to Driving Ability)
  • Medical Care Options
  • Nursing Home Care
  • Financial Planning, including Estate Planning
  • Relationship Matters and Communication Issues
  • Agreeing on Financial Responsibilities as well as the Day to Day Responsibilities.
  • Caregiver Burnout
  • Guardianship, Power of Attorney and related issues
  • Planning for Future Issues to avoid conflict
  • Provisions in the Case of Terminal Illness

What are the Advantages of Mediation in Estate, Guardianship and Elder Care Matters?

Discussions are held in a private, informal setting, with the mediator facilitating the parties to overcome obstacles and have important conversations that lead to decision making and appropriate actions.
Family members can build a "custom-tailored" plan that works rather than having the decisions being taken out of their hands or decided by someone who is not directly involved in the process.
Parents can maintain their dignity and autonomy by being involved as much as possible in decision making and they are kept informed and involved in the process as much as possible, rather than possibly feeling that decisions are being done behind their backs or forced upon them.
Finances and tasks can be divided up and agreed upon between family members in an organized manner.
The process can bring family members closer together to improve their communication skills, work collaboratively and be involved, even when physical distances would otherwise make this difficult.
Approaching difficult conversations and making decisions through mediation can save families money and get things done in an orderly and timely manner.

What if family members are in different states or can’t travel can you still use mediation?

It is very common to have family members in different geographical areas and to have family members who cannot travel.  Mediation can still occur and be very productive through face to face meetings, conference calls and video conferencing or by any combination of these methods.  At Mediation By Choice we have flexible office hours, including day and evening appointments.  Additionally, we will travel to locations outside of our usual office/meeting places to meet with clients and frequently we do not charge any fee for reasonable travel time.

If you are interested in how our office can assist you and your family members in reaching some of these very difficult decision, please feel free to contact Mediation By Choice by telephone 781-444-8888 or by email to and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.