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Employment and Workplace Conflicts


In order to maintain a productive, safe, efficient, congenial and profitable business, workplace disputes must be resolved quickly and effectively.  If workplace disputes are not resolved they fester, increase stress and hostility and can they can destroy ongoing business as well as future business opportunities.  Business interests can be crippled and people can be hurt by dely.

Therefore as soon as possible, workplace disputes must be addressed and solved.  One of the most effective methods of addressing workplace disputes in a cost conscious manner to use Workplace Mediation.

Workplace/Employment Mediation can assist management, employers and employees to address conflict in the workplace, stop matters from escalating and reach a mutually beneficial and agreeable solution to the conflict or issue between parties.

Further it allows individuals to tell their side of the story and have their interests and concerns addressed in a respectful and timely manner while allowing a business to continue in as least a disruptive manner as possible.  It can also engender positive change in the work environment and open up lines of communication between parties.

The following matters can be addressed:

• Disputes between co-workers

• Interpersonal communication issues

• Management disputes

• Discrimination