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Business to Business and Partnership Matters


When business matters are litigated they often languish in the court system, everything is put on hold and the financial success of a company is seriously threatened.  Even when the issue is how to correctly and fairly dissolve a Business Partnership, the time it takes to address a matter in Court as well as stress engendered by the litigation process itself can destroy profits and end any possibility of the parties ever having a working or personal relationship in the future.

Especially in the current economy business disputes must be resolved quickly, efficiently and without compromising or permanently rupturing any existing or future working relationships.
Even when parties choose arbitration, although it is often less expensive and more efficient then litigation, they lose control of the outcome of their dispute.  

Mediation resolves disputes efficiently and focuses on the specific needs and circumstances of each party as well as the ongoing needs of the business entity. The parties to the dispute decide the fate of the business, not a judge, not an arbitrator but the people who know the business the best and who have been involved in the business itself.

Through mediation, parties can work towards a co-operative settlement of their dispute, and a settlement that it custom tailored to their business, their product, their profitability and their needs to either continue the business, sell the business or retire from it gracefully.

Mediation By Choice can assist you in addressing and settling the following types of Business to Business and Partnership Matters:

• Compensation disputes
• Work team conflicts
• Wrongful termination
• Discipline Issues
• Sexual harassment and Safety Issues                       
• Negligence  and Personal Injury Claims

Management Disputes, Interpersonal Communication Issues, Business and Partnership Dissolutions, Valuation Disputes, Contract Disputes, Buy  Sell Agreements, Non Competition Agreements, Compensation Disputes, Financial Disputes, Negligence Claims. If you would like to become more informed about how this Mediation By Choice can assist you or your business in settling your concerns or matter, please feel free to contact this office by telephone 781-444-8888 or by email to and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.

If you are interested in how your Employment or Workplace Dispute can be assisted by our office, please feel free to contact Mediation By Choice by telephone781-444-8888 or by email to and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.